Horses, Horses, Horses!
Horses, Horses, Horses! Mini Ranch - 7.5 Acres, Up to 15 horses allowed! Main home is 4/2.5/2 Car Garage attached w/ Big Family Rm & Fireplace, 3300 sqft. Guest home 2/1 w/ Fireplace & 2 Car Detached, 1300 sqft. 1299 Candle Nut Ave Taxes = $928, 1359 Candle Nut Ave Taxes = $506 Read more...

Excellent Building for Conversion Condos! Gorgeous Ocean Front Views!
Excellent Building for Conversion Condos!  Gorgeous Ocean Front Views! OCEAN BEACH FRONT with the opportunity to bring in some CASH! Excellent Building for Conversion Condos! Read more...

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